Ventilation for poultry is very diverse for lots of different bird types. With nearly 25 years of experience with ventilation for poultry houses around the world TPI has suitable solutions for every housing concept. The unique polyurethane formula TPI offers high insulation values and a strong outer skin. This makes TPI components perfectly suitable for any weather including colder climates.

  • Made with unique polyurethane formula to provide high insulation value

  • Lots of styles and options available (see below)

  • 25+ years experience in the poultry industry

Side Wall Inlets. These inlets are often used in cross ventilation, longitudinal ventilation and combined ventilation concepts:

  • 135-SERIES: 135-FR, 135-VFR
  • 145 SERIES: 145-FG, 145-FR, 145-VFG, 145-VFG-C, 145-VFGD, 145-VFGT, 145-VFR, 145-VFR-C, 145-VFRD, 145-VFRT
  • 3000 SERIES: 3000-VFBG-C, 3000-VFBR-C, 3000-VFG-C
  • VENTUM: designed specifically for North American building dimensions and ventilation concepts.
  • OTHER: 1800-VFG-C, 2000-PBR-C, 2500-PVFT, 4000-VFG-C, OMNIFLUX, OMNISTEP

Tunnel Inlets. The inlets you’ll find below are suitable for ventilation concepts where air is coming in via the front or end gable. Tunnel units are used for maximum ventilation with high air speeds thus offering a wind-chill effect which cools the birds:

  • 6000 SERIES: 6000-VFG, 6000-VFG-2, 6000-VFG-2-C, 6000-VFG-3, 6000VFG-3-C, 6000-VFG-4, 6000-VFG-4-C, 6000-VFG-C, 6000-VFR, 6000-VFR-2, 6000-VFR-2-C, 6000-VFR-3, 6000-VFR-3-C, 6000-VFR-4, 6000-VFR-4-C, 6000-VFR-C
  • VENTUM: designed specifically for North American building dimensions and ventilation concepts

Windhood and Light Traps (custom sizes available):

To keep the wind from directly blowing through the wall inlets, wind hoods are used. We can also offer a combination of a light trap and wind hood. The light trap is built into the wind hood and is easily installed on the outside of the poultry barn.

Light traps are mainly used in poultry houses to keep daylight out of the house. With the light traps installed in our air inlets, you can use an artificial day and night schedule in your house. We offer a wide variety of light traps for our air inlets.

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