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Optimal Climate Control in Every Poultry House

iFarming™ starts by regulating the optimal climate in your houses, regardless of the outdoor conditions. The right climate is beneficial to the growth and health of your birds and saves you costs for feed, water and energy. Thanks to a good climate control system, weather conditions and fluctuating temperatures will not affect the house climate. You are in control, not the conditions.

What is Ifarming 4

Minimum Transitional Tunnel™ (MTT) is advanced ventilation system that ensures an even climate in every house. The MTT principle is based on a gradual transition from minimum to maximum ventilation. The result is a healthy climate for growth throughout the entire production process, from day-old chicks to mature birds. The technical results will demonstrate your progress, cycle after cycle.

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MTT Benefits

As an iFarmer you can immediately enjoy the benefits of the MTT climate system and lay the right foundations for iFarming. You can guarantee that the birds you supply will boast an unparalleled degree of uniformity and good health.

The technical al results will demonstrate your progress cycle after cycle.

  • Up to 10% faster growth
  • Improved feed conversion
  • Lower mortality
  • Higher uniformity