Light plays an important role in managing a healthy, productive flock of poultry. Unlike humans, poultry react and respond to light differently. In order to ensure your poultry barns are getting optimal levels of light, it is important to pick the right type of lighting for your flock.  At Can-Neth, we’ve come up with smart poultry farming solutions that are the right fit for you. By making our HATO lighting systems affordable and accessible for all farmers alike, you too can gain access to real-time data so you can make accurate decisions and maximize your farming results. Based on our experience with industry-leading agricultural distributors for over two decades now, we understand your farming needs. Our products will allow you to monitor your production process and provide you with more control over your farming outcomes.  Let’s take a look at how HATO lighting is the #1 lighting solution for intelligent farming. 

HATO Lighting for Poultry

Farm Lighting for Poultry Production   HATO lighting systems were designed specifically to meet the needs of poultry farmers. Not only do these lights improve animal performance, but they also reduce farmer workload and energy costs.  As pioneers in the field of innovative lighting solutions for intelligent farming, HATO’s knowledge of the agricultural sector since 1974 has allowed them to produce the best lighting fixtures for your poultry.  HATO lighting has a large number of benefits. It does the following:
Improves poultry sight 
The right lighting climate directly improves poultry vision, which makes them more comfortable and adaptive to their surroundings.
Enhances welfare and performance
An increase in poultry sight results in an improvement in welfare and performance. Your poultry gains will be optimized and give you the farming results you want to see. 
Fulfills the specific needs of each type of poultry
Different poultry have different lighting needs. The intensity, duration, and type of lighting affect the way layers, broilers, parent stock, and rearers perform.  In order to understand the needs of each type of poultry, let’s look at them in detail. 

Smart Poultry Farming for Layers

Correct lighting is key for a profitable layer house. To make sure your layers feel comfortable and perform better, you need to ensure you have the right lighting climate for them. When the layers see better, they adapt easier to their environment and show less aggressive behaviour patterns.  Therefore, an optimal light climate can notably increase layer performances in a responsible way.

Key Benefits of Layer Lighting

Improves egg production and shell strength
Correct lighting ensures that the birds mature properly. This stimulates them to start laying eggs faster. By improving the quality and quantity of egg production, your farming results are guaranteed to be better. You can also strengthen the quality of the shells by optimizing your light spectrum to meet all layers needs.
Increases layer well-being
Stress can greatly affect layer well-being and performance. The lower the amount of stress, the better the performance. The main role of an optimal light climate is to improve a laying hen’s vision. When they see better, they will feel more at ease, resulting in lower amounts of stress. By using our 100% flicker-free HATO lights, your layers will automatically feel safe and perform better.
Improves performances
Floor eggs are a major problem in poultry barns. By providing the right type of lighting, the number of floor eggs produced decreases, and the number of usable eggs produced increases.

Smart Poultry Farming for Broilers

Broilers have very specific needs when it comes to farm lighting. By providing them with the right level of lighting, you can benefit immensely.  Here are the benefits of using optimal lighting in a broiler house.

Key Benefits of Broiler Lighting

Uniform and improved growth
Uniform and optimal growth are two of the main goals of a broiler house. Correct lighting can reduce bird stress, whilst stimulating feed-and-water intake. This allows the Feed Conversion Rate to increase while growth also improves. 
Better Feed Conversion Rate (FCR)
The FCR in broiler houses significantly impacts overall farming outcomes. Since HATO lighting stimulates the feed-and-water intake, it also decreases broiler stress. This stimulates a higher Feed Conversion Rate and allows your broilers to perform better in a calm environment. 
Decreased huddling
Huddling is a frequent issue in broiler houses. Huddling occurs when broilers group together in corners. This leads to higher mortality rates and wetter litter. To improve broiler well-being and performance, it is important that they are spread uniformly throughout the house. Correct lighting allows that to happen, because it reduces bird stress, and stimulates feed-and-water intake at the same time. 

Smart Poultry Farming for Parent Stock 

Just like layers and broilers, the parent stock are also influenced by their lighting needs. The correct aspects of light can lead to higher performances and results. Here’s how optimal lighting can benefit parent stock.

Key Benefits of Parent Stock Lighting

Improves sexual stimulation
One of the main goals in a parent stock house is to produce as many eggs as possible. A broad spectrum of light can cause sexual stimulation and increase fertility significantly. This influences the number of eggs laid and their hatchability. It is important to use a spectrum that has all colours in it since every colour has its own characteristics that influence the chicken in its own way.
Stimulates egg uniformity and weight
The higher the egg weight uniformity, the better. By stimulating feed-and-water intake and reducing stress, you can optimize your poultry production results greatly. 
Reduces floor eggs
As mentioned earlier, floor eggs reduce revenues and increase costs. So naturally, the less the floor eggs the better. The right amount of light at the right place in the house will provide you with desired bird behaviour and reduced floor eggs. Since an appropriate light climate influences the number of eggs your poultry lay, it is important to ensure you have your lighting system optimized to yield better results. 

Smart Poultry Farming for Rearers

Lighting makes a big difference in each poultry house. As we’ve seen so far, optimal levels of lighting can produce desired farming outcomes. Just like the other types of poultry, rearing birds have their lighting needs too. Here’s how rearers can benefit from using HATO lighting.

Key Benefits of Rearing Lighting

Better results during the production stage
Good lighting improves bird performance and well-being, thereby simulating production rates and results. By using our 100% flicker-free, 100-0% dimmable, durable LED lights, you’re guaranteed to see better farming results.
Better environmental adaption
By improving animal sight, your rearers will respond and adapt to their surroundings and environment better. This allows them to remain calm and focus on their performance. 
Improves well-being
Our easy installation, energy-saving lights will reduce animal stress and improve their production results. This will also encourage desired bird behaviour, by stimulating Feed Conversion Rates.  Now that you know how our HATO lighting system can affect your poultry and your farming outcomes, it is important to find the right lighting systems for your barn.  At Can-Neth, we are happy to answer any questions you might have about our lighting systems and will provide you with a free quote after assessing your needs. Contact us now to optimize your poultry farming outcomes.