chicken shed a large agricultural building used for the commercial rearing of poultry for eggs or meat on a farm with proper ventilation systems Intelligent agriculture, also known as smart farming, is a more reliable, sustainable, and predictable form of farming that makes agricultural production easier for farmers like you. As the scale of agriculture continues to grow, technology has become more complex, and intelligent farming systems are even more accurate and durable than before.  A good living environment results in healthier poultry and faster and more efficient growth. In order to grow optimally, poultry barns need an optimal climate, in addition to good feed and water intake systems. There are three important factors that influence a comfortable barn climate – temperature, humidity, and air speed.  An optimal barn climate ensures that your poultry feels comfortable, which thereby enhances performance and production.  At Can-Neth, we make our poultry house ventilation systems widely accessible and affordable for farmers like you. You can easily regulate climate conditions with our Fancom ventilation systems. This includes cooling, removal of harmful substances and gases and supply of fresh air and oxygen. Make your poultry feel comfortable in their barns, and thereby increase performance and production results with our Fancom ventilation systems. Create an optimal barn climate, and control your farming results.  

Effects of Poor Ventilation in Poultry

A poorly ventilated poultry barn can have adverse effects on animal health, production results, farmer well-being, and profitability.  During the growth process, your birds produce carbon dioxide and moisture by breathing. A poor balance of gases in the poultry barn climate causes animal health problems. This has a negative impact on animal performance, increases the risk of mortality, and can cause additional mortality at a later stage. There is also a higher risk of the animals being rejected at the abattoir, which will affect profitability.  Additionally, a very high carbon dioxide concentration is not only bad for the poultry, but also for farmers like you who have to work in the house.  This is why, at Can-Neth, we’ve focused on providing extensive ventilation systems that will ensure a uniform climate in every house.

Benefits of Ventilation in Poultry HousingPoultry farming barns with proper ventilation systems

There are many benefits to using proper ventilation systems in your poultry barns. By connecting more farmers to our Fancom ventilation systems, we help you reduce your overall costs, while also enhancing the quality and quantity of your products, as well as improving the sustainability of agriculture as a whole.  Here are some of the benefits of using our smart solutions for your poultry farming:  Higher Feed Conversion More eggs and meat are produced from fewer grains.  Faster growth and results The right ventilation systems and fans for poultry barns result in reduced heat stress for the animals. The poultry can regulate their body temperatures to prevent any form of discomfort or humidity. Poultry performance increases when the birds are in their comfort zone.   Higher occupancy and lower mortality rates Growing chickens in a poultry barn at high temperatures can be a challenge. However, the right ventilation system can optimize the climate environment to meet the needs of the poultry.  If you want to know more about our Fancom ventilation systems, or need some advice on how to optimize the climate of your poultry barns, contact us and we’ll answer any questions you might have. 

Our Poultry Ventilation Systems

Our Fancom ventilation system creates a healthy climate for growth throughout the production process in poultry barns. From day-old chicks to mature birds, technical results demonstrate improved poultry welfare and performance. 

Fancom Air Inlets:

Poultry farming ventilation systems, Fancom Fantura Air Inlets   Fancom’s unique air inlet systems ensure a constant, even supply of fresh air into the barn in all conditions. It puts an end to cold air dropping down onto your poultry and the litter stays nice and dry, avoiding foot problems. Your chickens stay healthy and grow better, and these consistent growth conditions improve uniformity.  The Fantura air inlet system consists of an air inlet valve, an intelligent actuator and a smart control computer, and has the following features:
  • A unique & proprietary jet stream creates good static pressure even at minimum ventilation
  • 30% more capacity compared to a standard air inlet
  • Multiple inlet types are available for wall and ceiling applications
  • Optional wind hood and light trap available for wall inlets
  • Two options:  > -5° Celsius (23° Fahrenheit) or > -35° Celsius (-31° Fahrenheit) 

Fancom ATM Ventilation System:

Fancom ATM Ventilation System for poultry barns   The ATM measuring and control unit is a dimensionally stable, chimney module with an airflow transmitter and control valve. The airflow transmitter continuously measures ventilation in the house. By measuring the airflow, you ventilate exactly what you need for the comfort of your animals and not a bit more. This saves you unnecessary heating and feed costs. Some of the benefits include:
  • More control over your outcomes 
  • Ability to monitor the production process
  • Boosted efficiency 
  • Increased production

Fancom Exhaust Chimney System:

Fancom Exhaust Chimney System for poultry farming   The Fancom exhaust chimney system has been designed to allow for proper passage of air through the roofs of poultry barns. These chimneys are available in diameters of 35 thru 80 cm, all with a special roof plate, which ensures they fit perfectly onto your existing roof. Our Fancom exhaust chimney systems include the following: 
  • Complete chimney with accessories
  • High-end aerodynamics
  • High compatibility with the Fancom ATM system
  • Scales to any roof height

Fancom MTT Ventilation System:

Fancom MTT Ventilation System for poultry farming Photo Credit: Fancom A brand new addition to the MTT Ventilation system is the new tunnel inlet. The Fancom Fantura tunnel inlet has been specially developed for applications such as the Fancom MTT ventilation concept, which is a system used worldwide. With increasingly warmer summers, the focus on cooling a barn’s climate has increased. The Fancom Fantura tunnel intel is your solution to keeping the animals cool during the hot summer months, thereby increasing performance and production. The result of using the MTT ventilation system is a healthy climate for growth throughout the entire production process in poultry houses, from day-old chicks to mature birds.  Cycle after cycle, the technical results confirm the improved performances in your poultry houses:
  • Up to 10% faster growth thanks to the ventilation system
  • Improved feed conversion
  • Lower mortality
  • Higher uniformity
Proper ventilation is important in ensuring animal well-being and performance. If you want to know which ventilation system would work best for your pig barn, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to talk about modern farming techniques and how we can help optimize your barn.