The demand for livestock goods has increased over the years, leading to various optimizations and changes in the livestock farming industry to meet the growing needs. Smart livestock farming has revolutionized the industry, making it a more reliable, sustainable, and predictable form of farming. Smart livestock farming uses advanced technology to provide real-time data and monitoring so farmers like you can make accurate decisions and maximize their farming results. At Can-Neth, we have a wide range of smart solutions that are accessible and affordable for all livestock farmers. In order to learn more about which type of product works best for your specific livestock farming needs, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to help you make an informed decision to increase your livestock production outcomes. From livestock farming techniques to product types and benefits, you will learn everything there is to know about the smart livestock farming industry. 

Smart Livestock Farming Techniques

Smart livestock farming has the technology to monitor individual animals more closely on farms, providing them with the opportunity to upscale the size of their operations. With the growing world population, the demand for meat and eggs is projected to increase by more than 65% over the next 40 years, making the livestock farming industry a growing demand. With smart farming techniques in place, farmers will be able to produce more efficiently, uniformly, safely and profitably in a way that respects animals and the environment. At a reduced cost, with less waste and lower labour input, you will increase animal performance and production results. Based on our experience with industry-leading agricultural suppliers for over two decades now, we understand your farming needs and have come up with products that will provide you with more control over your livestock farming outcomes.

Challenges in Smart Livestock Farming

Livestock technologies allow farmers to focus on animal welfare as well as production results and continue to investigate new technologies to continuously and automatically monitor animals.  However, there needs to be a focus on animals individually so their signals can be detected and interpreted. Are they displaying normal behaviour and are healthy…these are questions we need to keep in mind and continue to investigate in the field of smart livestock farming. Overall, smart livestock farming is evolving over time and continues to bring about more sustainable, effective, and beneficial farming efforts. By connecting more farmers to smart solutions, we help you reduce your overall costs, while also enhancing the quality and quantity of your products, as well as improving the sustainability of agriculture as a whole. We currently represent high-quality lighting, flooring, ventilation, and feeding products from around the world. 

Benefits of Smart Livestock Farming smart pig farming

Smart farming systems and services will equip you with the tools necessary for a more results-oriented and sustainable agricultural production process. Here are some of the benefits of using our smart solutions for your livestock farming:

Increased Farmer Welfare

Smart livestock farming makes it possible for farmers like you to allocate their valuable time more efficiently. By using our smart solutions, you can inspect the houses on a daily basis in a more streamlined way, and concentrate on places that need more attention. Reduce farmer workload, lower replacement costs, save on energy costs and contribute to a better farming environment with smart solutions.

Increased Animal Well-Being

Our smart solutions enhance animal welfare and performance, thereby improving production results and profitability. It also makes the animals more comfortable in their environment and promotes health and well-being. 

Control Over Production Outcomes

Using our smart solutions, you’re in control of your production process. Whether you need to alter lighting levels or Kelvin, upgrade your ventilation systems, or change the amount and timing of the food being sent to the animals through feeding systems, every decision is yours to make. 

Our Smart Livestock Farming Equipment

While there are many factors that come into play during livestock farming, controlling and monitoring the important elements leads to sustainable and profitable farming results. The main elements of smart livestock farming include feeding, lighting, egg counting, and monitoring animal growth. At Can-Neth, we currently represent high-quality feeding, flooring, and monitoring products. Some of them are listed below:

Fancom Intellitek Feeding Station

fancom intellitek feeding system Good sow management and efficient feed management throughout the animal cycle are important to keep your animals in top condition and ensure great performance in the sow house. By housing your gestating sows in a group, you offer them a safe and comfortable environment to live in. The IntelliTek Feeding System also allows you to decide how to divide up the house, thereby saving space.  
  • Efficiently and effectively manage farms
  • Meet the needs of the sows
  • Automatic detection, marking, and separation of sows
  • Reliable technology redefining sow management

Fancom RondoMat Feeding 

The RondoMat is a sensor-controlled automatic feeder for piglets that helps ensure a smooth post-weaning transition to feed.  fancom rondomat feeding  
  • For quick and healthy piglet growth
  • Prevents ‘weaning-dip’
  • Reduces waste feed
  • Up to 35g (1.2 ounces) higher growth per day
  • Uniform piglet weight

eYe Grow Camera System 

Fancom’s eYeGrow is a 3D camera system that automatically weighs your finishers with more than 93% accuracy. The unique feature is that the 3D camera is installed above the section that continually records and registers the animals so the computer can accurately calculate their weight. Get the best performance from your animals with maximum growth gains by using the eYe Grow camera system. eyegrow camera system
  • Permanent, no-stress weighing of finishers without growth loss
  • No extra labour input
  • Improves your feed strategy for better feed profit
  • Optimal delivery strategy without weight reductions
  • More than 93% accurate

HATO FERAX Lighting System

Our FERAX 230VAC lights were uniquely designed by HATO to provide the best lighting conditions for smart pig farming. These lights have a quick and easy installation process, are built with flame-retardant materials, and are developed for high levels of biosecurity.  Since pigs react differently in the various stages of their production cycle, ie. farrowing, service area, gestation, nursery, finishers, and rearing gilts, our HATO FERAX lighting systems have different features for different production stages of pig farming.
  • Dedicated light colour for pig optimal performance
  • Maximal protection with integrated temperature protection and flame-retardant materials
  • Design developed to optimize bio-security (easy to clean)
  • Hermetically sealed design
  • Waterproof IP67
Proper feeding, monitoring, and lighting are essential in making sure animal well-being and performance increase. If you want to know which smart systems would work best for your livestock houses, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to talk about modern farming techniques and how we can help optimize your livestock barn.