The future of horticulture farming is sustainability. Sustainable growing is vital for saving our planet for future generations and for helping your plants thrive in an environmentally-friendly space. Enhance your production process, get better yields overall, and reduce your workload with superior substrates for farming. 

What are HydroCoir Substrates

Coir, made by grinding the husk of a coconut, is an organic and environmentally-friendly product used for horticultural practices. A sustainable choice for soilless cultivation, Coir, also known as cocopeat, can retain significant amounts of water, have the right levels of air porosity, and deliver good nutrients to the crops. Additionally, enhanced water retention capabilities allow plants to remain hydrated during high temperatures and harsh climate conditions. Unlike other crop-yielding products such as rockwool or peat moss, coir is completely harmless to the environment.

Importance of Using HydroCoir Coco Substrates for Horticulture

If you’re looking for affordable, high-quality, renewable substrates for your growing needs, we’ve got you covered. HydroCoir specializes in the production of coco substrates for professional soft fruit and vegetable growers, potting soil suppliers, home gardeners and more. At Can Neth, all our coco substrates are carefully hand-picked by our experienced team of farming professionals. Sourced from local farmers within the coconut triangle in Sri Lanka, these substrates ensure 100% traceability and guaranteed high-end quality.  The raw material is carefully processed and dried under natural sunlight prior to mixing, under strict guidelines to provide the grower with their desired substrate, depending on individual growing requirements and growing systems. Our HydroCoir Coco products are designed specifically to increase water and nutrient retention, minimize the risk of diseases, and create an environment that is conducive to better plant propagation. 

Benefits of Using HydroCoir Coco Substrates

There are many benefits to using HydroCoir Coco substrates for your farming needs. They are as follows:  Enhanced Crop Growth Our HydroCoir Coco products are not only superior to peat moss and other growing mediums, but also have a higher shelf life for plants. This improves plant health and growth, thereby improving profitability.  Limited Risk of Infections and Diseases  HydroCoir Coco products have balanced pH and EC levels to help the plants thrive under optimal conditions. Improve productivity and eliminate the threat of infections and diseases to your crops with our Hydrocoir Coco products. Higher Water and Nutrients Retention Coir has the ability to hold in significant amounts of water and has many air pockets, which helps the crops to root abundantly. This leads to better absorption of nutrients and moisture to the crops. Crops remain hydrated and healthy throughout the growing process. Biodegradable and 100% Organic  If you’re looking for a more affordable, biodegradable soil substitute for your crops, HydroCoir Coco products are the answer to your growing needs. Unlike other crop-yielding products, HydroCoir substrates are environmentally-friendly, 100% organic, and biodegradable, leading to a sustainable growth process. 

Our HydroCoir Coco Products 

HydroCoir Grow Slabs 

HydroCoir Grow Slabs provide protection to plant root zones by elevating nutrient uptake while minimizing the risk of disease. The slabs are manufactured with a blend of coco coir, husks, and cut fiber. Each Grow Slab is custom-made for your farming needs, including size, location, and hole numbers for planting, dripping, and drainage.  Well-equipped to drill holes directly into the coir at dripper points to accommodate hydrating the slabs, our team of professionals is happy to help you get set up.  Benefits: 
  • Excellent drainage properties
  • Optimized use of water and fertilizers
  • Purpose-made slabs with custom made pre-cut plant/drain holes
  • High-quality packaging, UV-treated, recyclable, and customized to fit different climates.
  • Available in unwashed, washed, and super washed.

HydroCoir Coco Blocks and Discs 

HydroCoir Grow Blocks and Discs are available in a number of dimensions and mixtures for your unique growing needs. HydroCoir Grow Discs are compressed coco peat discs most suitable for individual and quick seed germination. Discs are best used for the cultivation of floral crops and potted plants as well.  Benefits of HydroCoir Coco Blocks:
  • Excellent drainage properties
  • Improves air porosity with successful water retention capabilities
  • Capability to re-constitute by adding water
  • Various sizes of coco husk chips can be supplied as required by the customer
  • Available in unwashed, washed, and super washed
Benefits of HydroCoir Grow Discs:
  • Easily manageable
  • Excellent drainage properties
  • Available in unwashed, washed, and super washed.

HydroCoir Coco Grow Cubes

HydroCoir Coco Grow Cubes are ideal for plants where growers are interested in transplanting and propagating. Once you are satisfied with the plant’s growth, simply place our grow cube over the opening in the grow bag and set your irrigation emitters. Benefits:
  • Quick and easy transplant
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Rapid root development

HydroCoir Base Substrates

There are four HydroCoir Base Substrates used for different growing systems. They are as follows: Coco Peat Coco peat is a multi-purpose growing medium made from coconut husk. It has a high water-holding capacity and air-filled porosity. Coco Chips Coco chips are an excellent additive for potting soil mixes to increase drainage and air between the roots.  10c Chips 10c chips mixed with coco peat increase the air porosity and water holding capacity by more than 50% in comparison to traditional peat or soil mixes. 4s Mixes Extremely popular among potting soil suppliers, the 4s mixes promote root development. It is also ideal for blending with other substrates such as perlite and bark.  Benefits:
  • High nutrient absorption capacity in comparison to soil (> 50%).
  • Free from soil pathogens and weeds
  • pH value: 5.5 – 6.7
  • EC level < 1.0 – 2.5 mS/cm
  • 100% organic growing medium
Get enhanced performance results with our high-yielding, soilless substrates. Minimize the risk of diseases and help your plants thrive with our environmentally-friendly horticulture substrates.  If you want to know which Hydrocoir Coco products would work best for your farming needs, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to talk about our substrates and how we can help optimize your farming process and results.