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What is iFarming™?

Taking Responsibility Now for the Future of Farming

Fancom is the global leader in the development of automated farm management systems for the livestock industry, creating optimum conditions for customers, both in
 the buildings that house the animals
 and in their operational management. Fancom believes the future landscape of livestock breeding and raising will
be determined by the choices we make today, and that the exploding population rate and economic growth will result in a massive demand for animal proteins. Therefore, upscaling 
is unavoidable. However, it should take place in a responsible and sustainable manner, with the fullest attention for transparency, food safety and animal welfare.

Fancom’s objective with iFarming™ is
to create a new, global benchmark for animal welfare in livestock breeding and raising systems. To help this unfold, Fancom is continually searching for new, innovative technology and farm management software that will help create efficient house management, and enable animal welfare to be measured. In the eyes of consumers, animal welfare is paramount.

What is Ifarming 2

iFarming™ is Fancom’s solution for future-proofing the livestock industry. A solution designed to balance the interests of
the animals and of all the stakeholders. Animal health and standards of animal welfare can be improved, emissions reduced and business profitability will remain guaranteed. This approach means we can have true significance for the farmer, the animals and society!

What is Ifarming 3

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